= Malaika Arora becomes brand ambassador of Raksha Pipes

Malaika Arora becomes brand ambassador of Raksha Pipes

 Malaika Arora becomes brand ambassador of Raksha Pipes

Malaika Arora becomes brand ambassador of Raksha Pipes

Malaika Arora becomes brand ambassador of Raksha Pipes


 Raksha Lines, a leader in the channeling arrangements industry and a lead brand of The Shand Gathering of Businesses, gladly declares the arrangement of eminent Bollywood entertainer, model, artist, VJ, television moderator and wellness symbol Malaika Arora as its very first brand representative. This cooperation means a pivotal accomplishment for Raksha Lines, highlighting its resolute obligation to greatness and development inside the quickly growing channeling arrangements market. Malaika will effectively participate in a range of limited time exercises, crossing computerized and print missions, occasions, and online entertainment drives.


In a convincing depiction, Malaika takes watchers inside a home, stressing the broad exertion and commitment put resources into building a house. In spite of fastidious endeavors and the commitment of costly inside originator benefits, the story turns as she features a typical oversight - involving unacceptable lines for plumbing. This decision prompts far and wide drainage issues all through the house, sabotaging the difficult work put into its creation.

Tending to this worry, Malaika advocates for a more educated approach, encouraging watchers to look for master counsel as opposed to exclusively depending on notices. Underlining the significant job of value channeling arrangements, she highlights the vital elements of Raksha Lines - a commitment of no breakage, no spillage, and life span, embodied in the organization's slogan: "Raksha - Jeevan Bhar Ki Suraksha" (Lifetime Security). The mission fills in as a clarion call to focus on strong and dependable channeling arrangements, defending homes long into the future. The coordinated effort commends the force of involving the right channeling answers for one's home and urges people to involve unquestionably awesome for their homes.

Mr. Sanjay Shand, Overseeing Head of Raksha Lines, communicated, "Malaika remains as India's transcendent wellness force to be reckoned with, advocating the advancement of solid ways of life across all age gatherings. Raksha Lines assumes a significant part in keeping up with the prosperity of both private and business properties, defending against undesirable drainage and spillage related issues for a long time into the future. Our image consistently lines up with her persona and reverberates with our center way of thinking. We sincerely welcome Malaika Arora as our most memorable brand representative. This coordinated effort not just perceives the significant effect of picking the right channeling answers for one's home yet additionally fills in as an elevating call for people to decide on completely awesome for their homes."

Malaika Arora, Brand Minister of Rakha Lines, said, "I'm excited to get related with Raksha Lines. With fifty years of Industry aptitude, Raksha Lines has never at any point thought twice about quality and administrations, watching out for the client driven approach, and I'm certain Raksha Lines will keep on serving its clients with similar qualities and energy. I wish the whole Raksha family, which spreads across the country as well as different regions of the planet, all the absolute best."

Research firm Crisil Rating projects a 13-15% YoY volume development for PVC pipe producers in the impending monetary year, powered by expanded government spending plan distributions in water supply, water system, lodging, and framework. This resurgence follows 10 years high development of 22-24% in the ongoing monetary year, bouncing back from a repressed build yearly development pace of roughly 2% throughout recent years.

Raksha Lines has as of late uncovered aggressive extension plans and a forward-looking development technique, especially in the Agri-pipe market. This thorough drive means to situate the gathering for a significant turnover of Rs 3,000 Crores by FY29, with a projected yearly development pace of 20%. Moreover, the organization has uncovered plans for building stockrooms in essential areas like Odisha, Bihar, and Jharkhand, further supporting its essential foundation for a strong presence in the Agri-pipe market.


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