= Maryam Masud Laam Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family and Biography (Updated 2023)

Maryam Masud Laam Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family and Biography (Updated 2023)

 Maryam Masud Laam Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family and Biography (Updated 2023)

Maryam Masud Laam Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family and Biography (Updated 2023)

Maryam Masud Laam, an inspiring young figure in the world of technology and activism, has captured the attention of many with her remarkable achievements and dedication to making a difference. At a relatively young age, she has already made significant contributions in the field of artificial intelligence and has become an influential voice in promoting STEM education for girls. In this article, we explore Maryam Masud Laam's age, net worth, boyfriend, family, and provide an updated biography.

Age and Early Life

Born on May 10, 1999, Maryam Masud Laam is currently 24 years old. She hails from Nigeria and was raised in a family that encouraged education and intellectual pursuits. From an early age, Maryam showed a keen interest in technology and computer science, which eventually led her to pursue a career in the field.

Education and Career

Maryam Masud Laam's educational journey is nothing short of remarkable. She earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria. During her undergraduate studies, she gained recognition for her exceptional talent and passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

After completing her bachelor's degree, Maryam pursued further education in the United States. She obtained a master's degree in computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence from Stanford University. Her time at Stanford allowed her to delve deeper into her research and expand her knowledge in the field.
Maryam's groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence centers around utilizing technology to address social issues. She has focused on developing algorithms and applications that can improve healthcare, education, and accessibility for marginalized communities. Her efforts have earned her accolades and recognition from renowned institutions worldwide.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Maryam Masud Laam's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. While she may not have amassed a substantial fortune yet, her net worth is expected to grow as her career progresses. Maryam's work in the field of artificial intelligence has garnered attention and opportunities, allowing her to secure funding for her projects and research.

Boyfriend and Personal Life

Maryam Masud Laam prefers to keep her personal life private and has not publicly disclosed information about her romantic relationships or boyfriend. She maintains a focused and driven approach to her work and tends to prioritize her professional endeavors.

Family and Support

Maryam Masud Laam comes from a supportive and encouraging family. Her parents recognized her potential and provided her with the resources and opportunities to pursue her passion for technology. Their unwavering support has played a vital role in her success and has motivated her to strive for excellence.


Maryam Masud Laam's journey is an inspiration to many aspiring young individuals, particularly girls, who aspire to excel in the fields of technology and science. Despite her young age, she has made remarkable strides in her career, leaving an indelible mark on the world of artificial intelligence.
Beyond her research and technological contributions, Maryam is also an advocate for gender equality and increasing access to STEM education for girls. She actively engages in public speaking engagements, workshops, and mentorship programs to inspire and empower young women to pursue careers in STEM fields.

In conclusion,

 Maryam Masud Laam's age of 24 has not hindered her from making significant contributions to the world of technology. With her dedication, intelligence, and commitment to social impact, she has become a role model for young individuals seeking to make a positive difference in the world through science and innovation.

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